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How to tell Activities Invalid Clicks Google Adsense

How to tell Activities Invalid Clicks Google Adsense

Unfortunately, not all owners insight Adsense account if the above possibilities can happen. One problem ignored by undetected and without anticipation or revamping. Then the same problem after problem occurs until the account owners find their account has been banned. This usually happens if the tool to see minimal invalid activity; as well as the means to improve it.

Especially on ya Blogger, a tool to check for invalid activity yet, because it features the traffic statistics only perfunctory. There is no complete record. We must use external tools such as Google Analytics and other tools to detect invalid activity. And I'm pretty sure not all owners willing tongkrongin Adsense account analytics to see traffic and visitors that is not fair, because it will obviously take a lot of time.

Therefore, knowing the characteristics of invalid activity is very important, because once knew that something was wrong, the account owner can take the necessary action before getting a warning or even before the website / blog and your account banned.

The following four characteristics Activities Invalid Clicks on Google Adsense:

1. CTR or Click Through Rate, the average number of clicks and the number of impressions (page views) over 10%. Despite being in the range of 10% will not necessarily be invalid activity, but obliged to watch out. For CTR rarely reaches 10%, even by major high traffic website though. Although CTR of 1% or 2% is considered very low, but do not have fun first because CTR over 10%, because it is indicative of impropriety. CTR in the range of 5% is practically very nice. Oh yes, in the Indonesian language called CTR CTR (Average Click and Display).

CTR/RKT = total of clicks / number of impressions x 100 = ...%

2. You suddenly get a lot of clicks but value most clicks $ 0.0, meaning not produce earnings at all. For example, you get 30 clicks but the total value is only $ 0.05 or even $ 0.0. This means that the engine Adsense does not provide value on a large number of clicks to come; while giving indications on Google (and you) that something wrong happened.

3. Earning rose dramatically, but soon dropped dramatically as well. For example, you get $ 2.45, but soon turned down to $ 0.45. This means that detection of invalid activity a little slower because it must go through several processes, and concluded that the number of invalid clicks or invalid. This is not the fault of engine Google Adsense, but it is an intentional act due to the irregularities found.

4. You get a lot of clicks from one area (usually the state) with a very small pageviews. The analysis requires traffic analytics such as Google Analytics or StatCounter, if you use Blogger. If you use the server itself, AW Stats as complementary features cPanel already powerful enough to be used. Google uses the paradigm that if a visitor to click, for sure he is very interested in the ads served. This possibility is not great. If the ratio is defined as the CTR, then roughly gini ngomongnya way: "From 1000 the unique appearance may be just (at most) 10-20 unique look that donate ad clicks". If you click that occurred far beyond that paradigm, the suspicion will arise.

His actions are usually no 2. If this had happened one or two times, usually the staff will silence and "forgive". That is, errors may occur purely by visitors and beyond the capabilities of the account owner. But if it happens many times, means the account owner does not introspect and try to improve, if so, a more serious condition such as warrning and banned can happen.

What you'll need if you get a warning or website / account banned? Obviously need separate discussion because it is impossible to represent 200-300 words. But the point is, preferably before it happens, do the following anticipatory measures:

1. Promptly important action after knowing something was wrong. For example, the first stop ads from appearing on the website A to conducive. Unfortunately, in Blogger we can not directly banned IP (feature / console), so that the termination of ad serving while quite so the best solution.

2. Make sure you use the "site that allowed", so that the ads displayed by a person not responsible on other sites will be ignored by Google.

3. Check Adsense statistics regularly and periodically to view the possibility of invalid click activity. lest cheated several times.

4. Install the extension (Chrome) Adsense Publisher Toolbar or Google Adsense install android application that can perform checks in real-time, regular, fast and without logging dashboard.

Thanks everybody
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