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(Update) ways to Articles Being the first page of google

ways to Articles Being the first page of google.Actually not difficult, to make a translucent article page one of Google. no need to find solutions to many masters blogger. anyone can do this, only capital willingness and intent to pursue a high SEO optimization.
How to Create a Page One article Google And this is the secret
Everything is nothing agile, especially to bloggers newbie or novice who sometimes lazy thinking and want to make money blogging. blog can be a success if the owners want to fight, want to try, willing to learn and accept the criticism and advice of others.
Honestly after two years to pursue my blog, I just feel the effects of my Articles that made it into page one of Google. This is not how much the article click on the visitors and Also note Because the total number of how many words are made. please underline, Articles can be said to be successful one page is how many links to Articles we could get into the position of page one google

1. Use Heading, Subheading, and Minorheading for keywords you are aiming.
How to Create a Page One article Google And this is the secret
For example, the title of your article Efficacy apples. Then make a keyword such as headings, the benefits of apples, apples are very beneficial to the body, etc. So use the benefits as apples Heading, and use "apples was very helpful for the body" and the Subheading for MinorHeading you can the make your own. The point is that, to make it Easier for Google to find keywords in your article

2. Make Internal link to the article.
Example link 2 Link to the article page itself, and another link pointing to your Articles Relating to this article now. Examples can be seen at the top of this article, I make a direct link to my other Articles, but still related to this article.

3. Reduce External Link
External link only to the make visitors of your blog run. Why would I say something like that ?? Because you will create a link to someone else's blog and of course it hurt your blog. It could be an article you live in close by visitors. However, I do not forbid you to a make an external link, it can, but do not overdo it. Because we need references from other people's blogs, the which are not in our blog as supporting the accuracy of our articles.

4. Use the Bold, Italic, Underline appropriately
If I only use Bold for keywords that support the title of my blog.
I personally think it makes it Easier to read google keywords in your article. Just imagine if all the keywords or links to blacklisted? What they read in google ?? This is my perception. Please feel free to believe or not, but certainly I've felt a change in this blog. Remember the 3 Keyword already have in the headings, subheadings, and minor headings !! back to point 1

5. Do Keyword Suffering
Keyword Suffering is making a lot of keyword-matching in the article to get the first position of google. For example, the title of the article "The benefits of apples", and said there is virtually in every paragraph in the article. This way I think is the worst thing that can even make you fall to the article page, the page may not be visited by readers.

6.Ping Blog

Blog Ping is one of the techniques to tell the search engines that you have a new article is required to be indexed. This method is very good to get the first position of google. Miscellaneous ping blog that I use, www.google-ping.com, pingates.com, pingomatic.com

7. Make Right Keyword
Making the right keywords is one of the techniques can get page one google it. The purpose of this is to create a keyword look for keywords that are searched by people for example, methods .... danger ....., ..... Benefits, and others. To learn the right keywords can also be taken from webmaster

Above are some of the research I have done over the last two years to his blog. you can practice on your own without having to use the services of optimization etc, you also can own as long as you want to learn and find out a lot of browsing with Google.

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