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6 Ways to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Site to Look SEO Friendly

Hallo bro, if you are confused how to choose an area that is good and fair? Well here, I will explain to you on the field. For those of you an online businessman or a blogger is reliable, has a website with a unique domain of course. Because everything you want in your identity and your site. Many are discussions about how to choose a good domain for a site. Sometimes, many of the people who are confused choose a domain name for a website.

Understand domain: is a unique name to identify the name of the server computer. Domain function is to simplify the current access of Internet users to the server. It is also to remember the name of the server that visit without having to know the complex serial numbers known as IP.

How to choose a good SEO and Friendly SEO

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important things when you want to build a website or blog. Usually, for new bloggers who have plunged into the world of blogs, they do not think well when choosing a domain name. What I never felt. Although many things that are very important to note for the choice of a domain:

1. Effective, concise, easy to read
Having a memorable domain name will make it easier for people to remember your site. So provoked a strong personal statement and represent the company you run. Whenever possible, choose as short as possible and easy to read to select a domain name you want. Here are some tips for readily available domain names:
Avoid using sample numbers (maxmoer28762.com)
Avoid for example / hyphens symbols (maxmoer-blog.com)
Avoid using spelled difficult words (receptionstipsseo.com)

2. Do not use symbols
We recommend that you do not create a domain name using symbols, numbers, or hyphens. In general, when people typing the domain name of a website articulated everything without a hyphen (-). For example "www.belajar-seo-dengan-mudah.com" this complicated ga wrote it? Can not use hyphens, as long as not too much.

3. Do not use a free domain
Usually, free domain often searched by many people to build a website or blogger. The free domain Tk example, .GA, .ML, cf and so on. If you want to build a blog or website to manage seriously then carrying your free domain name is less intelligently select a decision because:
Free is not always free domain, free domain usually for the first year are free. The next year, you will pay for it. If it does not pay, then you risk losing access to that domain.
If you use a free domain name 1 year, 11 months and your site is the first page of all, for example. Endless possibilities for the future stay a month yet, nah TBTB access to the field because you lose does not cover the field. Nyesek not? lol
Laid, unprofessional and not cool
Not considered by Google, because the domain is free. And is considered to play in blogs.

4. Use the top-level domain (TLD).
In fact, it's a free domain name is the top level domain. But still it is not considered professional. TLD or top-level domain is either the dot com extension for your domain name. Because it is easy to remember by others.

5. Use your target name or keyword
We recommend that if you want to create a personal blog or wesite, then use a personal name or can also use keywords that are shorter. We can also create a website / blog with a particular niche for example nichenya Blogger then the domain name is tutorblogger.com (for example)

6. Combine the name of the brand or business
Suppose you build a batik online store, now the company name PT.garden. You can combine your domain name into gardenbatik.com. So that your site will be easily memorable by other people.

Well if you choose a good domain name for your site be memorable, concise and easy to read, of course. And also Hidari or hyphen symbol of both digits and dashes (-). Also use the domain extension TLD .com (paying). Do not use free domain yes ... because the free will not be free. So, I was discussing this article, we hope this article helpful to you
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