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7 These mistakes often do not realize by Blogger Beginner

7 These mistakes often do not realize by Blogger Beginner

1. Too much focus with SEO forgetting the promotion of bringing visitors.
Without knowing them a newcomer blogger already expired with the word SEO, they think SEO is everything. As far as SEO techniques must be done by a blogger that blogs can compete in the google search engine. But SEO will sometimes turn against for bloggers to come. What I feel and the results I wanted was not achieved. Karna too concerned about SEO forget about promotion, all the results of blog traffic does not progress, and even tends to decrease its visitors, and it is certainly lazy edges blogging.

Understanding the content of the article is very compelled for a blogger. This is one of our Ahold SEOs first. So Promotions is one of the most powerful ways to bring visitors. If you favor a useful article to other people, believe me, they will come by itself.

2. Focus too much with the keywords / keywords in the content of the position.
Well do not be too focused with the keyword or keywords. If you have to consider with the keyword is looking for a title or a [title] is very interesting as the keyword. Then, use one or two keyword phrases / keywords in each article and paste these keywords into the descriptions of the articles. So if you download a keyword Use images in alt-image tags, and the rest let your imagination work hand made items with a vengeance. Insyallah later by itself is filled with these keywords.

3. Publish the same article with others [Copas Articles]
Performing copy-paste or copy is certainly not only done by a novice blogger. Already pro or sometimes experienced blogger often do. Because it can be lazy or just experimenting alone. Bloggers typically beginners to copy and paste because of their lack of know-how, and the lack of information they receive from the loss of copy and paste. So they feel good when they publish the same article with other people or [copy and paste] on their blog. The other items you copy and paste, the article has been flagged by the owner of the original article. The more your blog deindex, may even be removed by Google.

4. Ignorant Speed ​​Loading Blog
Sometimes we think about yourself, yups I'm there when I learned about blogging. The beauty of the blog makes me a very selfish person.
Blog severe and perform on 2-4 seconds, tend to be dropped by readers and certainly ignored by google. In addition, no more than 10 seconds. Grave wah bangat: D
You can use the tool to check your blog via https://gtmetrix.com/. Well Do you optimize your blog in these tools.

Because blogs are a fast loading very favored by search engines [SEO] and friendly can make the reader favorite [friendly]. In general, makes loading long is a code script that is beyond the template, the image size is too large [file size], and many other scripts are used.

So, already know the speed of loading is very important? So it should not be too much ignore and immediately optimize the cargo loading your blog so as not to heavy.

5. Excessive installation Widget
Installing the widget is not something that is forbidden, but you should know. The more widgets you install, the more your blog is loading. As I discussed "regardless of the speed of loading".

Many Once I found the blog log widget installed when a redundant widget is not too important. There is even a blog that put the mp3 music, is the most hated by the readers. Then there is a clock widget installed on the bloggers, well, that does not make sense, padahalkan time already in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Use a widget to taste yes, and do not let you ignore the loading speed of your blog with a widget is not clear: D

6. Look for backlinks in a way that is not good and true
Who does not want to have many quality backlinks? hehehe. Yes the menginginkankan very much the blogger a lot of quality backlinks in order to support a solid foundation for your blog or web. But to get all this is not possible way to the very moment. The frequent occurrence of backlink seekers to find the wrong way in the end had no effect on the search engine [SEO]

7. Domain name change
Be careful if you decide to replace your old domain name blog that is very popular or are old enough. This is very detrimental to your own blog and is considered a new blog by the search engines. Maybe before less appropriate, they decided to replace the old domain name blog they named a new blog that he considered more appropriate.

The impact domain switch, of course, you need to perform zero optimization again. Visitors and other attributes such as AlexaRank blog, pagerank, and others will come back to the beginning. Nah thinks carefully if you want to replace the new domain. If the age of the blog is always like a baby does nothing. Well, if, if your blog has a very good popularity and loyal visitors how? Never ever yes to change the domain name of your blog with a new one. This impact will be the loss of traffic to your blog.

Similarly, the article describes I on this occasion. Hopefully this article can be useful to you, and I apologize if there is less. You can menambahkanya in the comments :)
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