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Function Heater in your Aquarium

In the way of taking care of ornamental fish in the aquarium, both types of freshwater fish species and sea fish, the water heater is essential to allow health stay kasayangan fish because it has A voracious appetite and free from common diseases that attack fish.
Fish and plants in an aquarium requires an appropriate temperature. The water that suits the aquarium to avoid some of the consequences of the incompatibility of the state of the water temperature in the aquarium. Call a variety of diseases like white spot or eye disease in fish is caused by bacteria that feeds under limited (cold) water conditions. Therefore, to prevent water from being too cold and non-fish-like conditions, it is necessary to reheat using the heater capable of reheating and heating the water to the optimum water temperature for the fish aquarium.

So what is the function of aquarium heating?

Aquarium Heater Function

Species of ornamental fish, there are easily maintained and there is also somewhat requiring special attention to maintain them.

Species of ornamental fish also from various parts of the world, which in nature occupy kehidupanya the temperature that is different. Similarly, maintaining, of course, the place is also different. There is life in the highlands, where the temperature is cold, and those who live in the shallows.

In taking care of ornamental fish is definitely recommended to create or design the aquarium atmosphere as habitat in nature, to allow fish adaptable and not easily stressed.

Including water temperature, the temperature of the water tank should also be at least comparable to the temperature of the water is in the wild where live fish.

Well, it really is necessary heating function, namely stabilizing the water temperature. In other words, as the temperature increases, the heater is turned off and when the water temperature decreases then the heater is activated.

In addition to stabilizing the water temperature, the function of the heating element also helps to reduce the population of fungi and bacteria. Not only heating is also healing fish berfugsi of the disease. Many of the hobis suggesting heating is used only in case of fish disease and started a hunger strike that. And when healthy ornamental fish then heating is more needed.

Sekaramg not know if the function of aquarium heating is to stabilize the water temperature of the tank so that the fish healthy.

Well, if one understands what heater functions and water heater, then let us also see how to use the heater

When buying a heater, there is as well you want an explanation of the heater element of the seller how it works and how to use or install it in the aquarium.

Step by Step How To Use Aquarium Heater

Here admin only describes the basic steps how to install a water heater in the tank.

first steps

Before installing the heater, the heater must be checked beforehand. This control is intended to heater you really buy work as expected once installed.

Please check the installation and glass glasses, if there is less optimal, probably in the glass cups are no leakage, so do not proceed to install.

Previous take appointment or ask for a guarantee on sipenjual, so that when things happen so you can go back.

Enter two

This second step is to define the temperature scale that suits your needs and the volume of water in your tank. And here is the table:

Size 25 Watt for the volume of water of approximately 25 liters
Size 50 Watt for the volume of water of about 50 liters
Size 75 Watt for the volume of water of about 75 liters
Size 100 Watt for the volume of water of about 100 liters
150 Watt size for the water volume of about 150 liters
Size 200 Watts for the volume of water of about 200 liters
Size 300 Watt for the volume of water of about 300 liters

Enter Three

To maintain the durability of the water heater and maximize your Aqurium warming, then you should first check the water's light plug before entering the water heater in the tank.

Enter four

As explained above the function of the heating element is to stabilize the water temperature of the tank, in order to place the heating element in place which allows it to propagate through the temperature of the water in the tank. For al is the most suitable around the aerator.

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