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How Google Adsense Pay Us

If you already have an experience certainly know its payment process. Because the process is actually very simple. You use dapaat several ways, but the best way is through a simple Western Union baikdan. Because in addition to pencairannyajuga easily free.

You should know that it is that we do not necessarily have an account, and then the next month already a payment. Because there are various provisions in the Google Adsense that will be the basis of payment, ranging from address verification process and so on.

Google Adsense Payment Terms

There are several conditions that must be met before a payment you receive from Google Adsense payments. Among these requirements are:

1. Verified
If you are still the owner of the Google AdSense account, then after you have received and already get approved member status, then later Google Adsense will wait until your earnings reach at least $ 10. Once you have just sent is reached a code that you will need in the entry akunm. Then you declare as official and advertisers can be paid in the following month.

2. Minimum payment.
Once completed the above process, you must be able to generate a minimum of $ 100 if it has not been able to achieve the current results will be accumulated over the next month.

3. Not forbidden
It should not happen that you try your account terminated before you get paid.

Google Adsense Payment Process
Once all these conditions are met, the next you can already memeproleh payment from Google. Steps - steps are as follows:

Go to the dashboard of your google adsense account by visiting this link: http://www.google.com/adsense/start/
Then you can click on the sign as a toothed wheel on the right side of the top of your account.
Then you go to the next page where you will receive the message as a sign when it has presented its payment or not.
If you submitted, click on the specific article: "gave"
After that you will get payment data. The amount of income you receive is in dollar form
MTCN code from Western Union.
This code point was taken when the post office or bank to display to the cashier.
Expeditor's address
You must indicate here that the sender is the Google and official office address in Dublin, Ireland.

How to dilute the results are:
After getting the above data, then you have to shoot down all listed, especially regarding the amount and MTCN code because it is the most important. Do not forget to bring a photo ID and ID card copy of the original.

Visit the lah POS office closest to you. After this request a lwat Western Union (WU) withdrawal form. Fill in all the data requested on the form. Do not enter to enter a name or code. After that, will be processed and the income you can receive. After that, you can continue to increase your income with. So, we pass on information on how you can be paid by Google Adsense. Semogga this article useful for you. If seconds want to load in column Comments Silah yeah heh
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