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The benefits of Prayer of Akasyah

The benefits of Prayer of Akasyah   In the "Book of Mujarabat" expressed that the Akasyah prayer was originally brought by the angel Gabriel a.s. of the Throne. Sayyidina Abu Bakar A-Siddiq R.Un said;
"One day I was sitting in front of the Rasulullah SAW Mosque in Medina AL Munawwarah, Gabriel came suddenly a.s. by bringing Akasyah Prayer and considering the SAW Rassouloullah and said,
"O Messenger of Allah! Indeed, what I bring this prayer Akasyah that since the Prophet Adam a.s. and other prophets have ever given, except to you. "Says Gabriel again:" Truly I see this Akasyah prayer suspended below the Throne over the 90,000 years before God created the world and everything in it. «»
Benefits and Effectiveness of Akasyah Prayer

1) Can learn the Qur'an by
"The Akasyah Prayer" reads completely sincere to Allah before reading Al-Quran.
Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq RA said, the Prophet said to me, "O Abu Bakar, do not content to read this prayer Akasyah, because praying to read this means that he will acquire the welfare and the Grace of Allah and memorize the Qur'an and the Book. "
Seyyidina Usman Ibnou Affan ra. Once said,
"I am able to memorize the Quran with this blessing of Akasyah prayer. "
Whoever wants to memorize the Qur'an, then write this prayer with amber and musk oil and oil za'faran ditukis in a white bowl filled with water, and then drank water for seven days, A little luck will be quickly recalled.

2) facility Sustenance
Whoever reads this prayer every day, once a month, once a year or once a lifetime, Allah has ordained seventy thousand angels of heaven to bring virtue, as well as sustenance facilitated and obtain mercy.

3) Memperolehi Extraordinary Strength
Sayyidina Ali Ibnu Abu Talib ra. Said: "I had the prayer of strength and tremendous courage Akasyah did this. "

4) All sins forgiven Allah.
Read with a truly sincere heart for Allah Istiqomah, Hope that forgiveness and abolish all sin.
The one who reads this prayer once a day or once a lifetime if they can not read, then writing in the house, God will grant a forgiveness for his sins.

5) To get the Pahala Award
The day of judgment Allah will give a great reward.
Hasan Basri R.A said the Prophet said:
"Look, someone is not going to reward the memperolehi abundant reward people who read this Akasyah prayer. "

"O Umar read this prayer because reading prayer this will earn a huge reward, seventy thousand angels to do good at reading this prayer, the mouth of the angel, seventy and seventy head . Everyone commends to God and all that is given to the people who read mahu this prayer, God gives him mercy to ".

6) Darjat diving
In his life has always been prayer reading, Allah Almighty raising his ranks in the world and in the hereafter. When rising from the grave, his face as a full moon many angels around him who all carry the flag of light continues to the sky together of people who read an Akasyah prayer. People who are in the mahsyar field feel fear and wonder always astonished Karana honored by the angels and the pious.

7) Dream Meet the Prophet
Anyone who wants to meet the Prophet Muhammad in a dream, then wash sebersih2nya on Friday night wearing the perfume and then have two prayers pray after prayer has finished reading this prayer five times with a full right, so we can hope To obtain the grace of the encounter with the Prophet in a dream.
8) accompanied by angels
Sheikh Shaban R.A said, I heard words from Rasulullah SAW.
"All those who pray this prayer, if it dies, it will be feltasa is blessed by Allah SWT seventy thousand angels PRONONCERA remains in qubur that each nature ange nur / light. The angel said, "Do not be afraid, for Allah SWT gave the grace later on the Day of Resurrection, and opened the door of heaven for you." Allah also says: O True altar of me ashamed to attack you because it was the practice of reading prayer. "
9) On the radiant face Doomsday
The one who reads this prayer every day three times, later the day of judgment will face as the full moon date 14 and to heaven without praise to this virtually Karana.

Other Benefits and Benefits Prayer Akasyah
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