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tips 8 A Good Niche for bloging,.

In running a hobby in blogging, many parties who use to achieve revenue from google adsense. One of the earning strategies of google adsense is to focus on niche blogs. Because it believes to produce a very high dollar. Well if the beginner publisher, they usually think to write anything, which is important to many visitors. They should choose a single theme strategy or a single niche on the blog they manage.

Can not be denied that Google Adsense is indeed the most appropriate place to be Publisher ads / Ads for niche blog adsense high paid. For Google Adsense itself is a publisher who has CPC (Cost Per Click) or the highest pay per click rate compared to others.

Google Adsense does not block IP addresses that have Clicked ads, so if there are visitors who click Ads multiple times (because pure interest, not because BOM CLICK) it will be counted as a type of Legitimate Clicks, so that the potential income is also much larger when compared With such CPC Publisher-Publisher.

High Blog Traffic is not necessarily also will generate many Clicks and CPC high. Having the right Niche will also greatly affect the income you will earn. Namely from a Google Adsense Publisher, because by having the right Niche, then Google will easily determine what type of ads will be installed on your Blog. This time I will describe some niche best blog 2016. Okay Listen carefully yes ...

Tips on Choosing a Niche Blog For High Adsense Revenue

1. Health
This is one of the vital parts in man. Even humans will be willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of Health. Therefore, its search potential on Search Engines will also be very High. So, there would be no harm to use this Niche because Google Adsense ads with Health themes have a fairly high CPC. Health is one niche blog that crowded visitors.

2. Automotive
This has a high CPC because visitors will be directed to sales of expensive automotive products. Therefore, the advertiser will dare to pay degan expensive automotive ad. Niche is certainly very suitable for those of you who like the automotive world.

3. Computer / Internet
Tips and tricks about computers and blogs one of the niche blog for adsense. This niche is a niche that is much sought after today.

4. Technology
Not much different from the Niche Computer or Internet, with the development of current technology, then the role of Search Engines or Search Engines will be a hanger in knowing the development of technology.

5. Fashion / Beauty
Blog / Web that contains Niche Fashion or Beauty or anything that concerns with women will be very promising in becoming Google Adsense publisher. Because women will always update with news about Fashion.

6. Traveling / Places of Interest
When someone wants to Travel or Vacation, then he will find a lot of references about the best places in the Search Engine. So this will be an opportunity for anfa to menyodori info about the sights.

7. News
Progress from information technology will make people become easier in news updates. Therefore, news will be tips on choosing the right niche blog for your Web or Blog. But this niche will require dedication and also a lot of capital too. Because we will need Journalists who must get the news.

8. Product Review
This niche will be good enough for google adsense, because if someone searches for a review of a product, then they will automatically be interested when presented with ads on certain products. This will be very potential in increasing the CTR of your blog.

The niche that lets you succeed is your own niche. Niche blog will not exist if you are not consistent on one topic, For example, easily bored, easy to influence, easy to despair, and so forth.

Most players have more sites than one site and each site has different niche blogs. This is because they are looking for dollars from their blog. Such information is suitable for your niche blog in order to increase adsense high. Hopefully useful this post for you.
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