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3 Ways to Engage Ta'aruf Women

When a man is already there is a sense of admiration for a woman, then the taste should not be stored-save, because it will eventually plunge into ZINA HEART. Rasulullah -Shallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam- said "Zina the heart is a dream" (Muslim)

It's hard indeed to invite a woman to berta'aruf, it feels tuh like us on the ship in the middle of the ocean, continued to throw themselves, back and forth back and forth, deg-degan, he he he ...

But that's where our feelings are tested, if it really is love, certainly daring to declare, even if your mouth gasps out right talking to intermediaries, dullness, hunger, shortness of breath, Now if you only dare to admire him from a distance, imagine the beautiful, but there is no endeavor to convey the holy intention, then it is clear that this lust is derived from Syaithan, and this is what the Prophet meant as ZINA HATI. how many seconds are we ZINA HATI?

If it is considered not able to marry, just ta'aruf first. in the process ta'aruf that there is a name musyawarah, later there is good how. if it's a mate, the way is given kok the same as Allah SWT.

There are at least 3 ways to invite someone to Ta'aruf. ta'aruf itself means acquainted, but acquainted with the Syar'i way.

Well, the first way is the most afdhal way. the intermediary may be a parent, relative, friend of faith, ustadz / ustadzah, or community of soul-mates. Just talk to them, Insha Allah your secret will be guaranteed, and through this intermediary will not be our segemeter if delivered directly to the person. Bener guns?

Well, narrated, the Messenger of Allah once been proposed by a woman. the woman said "I am willing to be your wife", then the Prophet looked at the woman (Nazhor). and the Messenger of Allah decides to reject him with a silent cue. Then the woman was married to a Sahaba who was present there with the duties of the Qur'an (HR Bukhari)

Lessons from Hadith Bukhari:
- It is okay to invite Nikah / Taaruf directly in front of the person (Highly recommended)
- Disunnahkan Nazhor (see & assess lahiriyah / physical candidate)
- It is not a sin to deny someone with a physical reason
- Mahar may be a Qur'anic memorization
- Men when "shot" and then he is silent, chances are he refused

Well, if you dare, please declare it directly in front of the person. or write a letter that essentially:
"Akhi / Ukhti, I have interest in berta'aruf with you".

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said "The 3 things that are seriously taken care of are:


(Abu Dawud's)

This means joking ngajak marriage can be taken seriously. often our friends joked nyerempet-nyerempet. like this :
"Akh, evening prayers alone will I be allowed?"
Well, if there is such, according to the hadith then it is considered WOULD LIKE NIKAH, Waduuh. Well, therefore be careful when joking.

As for the code, then usually the words are not frank, many interpretations. and ngode usually so alternative ngajakin Nikah / Ta'aruf, for those who Baperan, dare not move forward, gemeteran etc: D

For example, an ikhwan writes in the commentary of an Akhwat's status:
"Ukh, make marriage status continues, mang no candidate? Many tablets that want"
This is a lot of interpretation. hope it ukhti reply "emang who want?". continue ikhwannya answer "I, but the fact often ukhtinya answer just" hehehe ".

The risk of using the code is not responsive because it is not sensitive, or just didiemin wrote, because it is considered not serious (berbandaan). You need to know, when the word of the Prophet, the invitation of marriage was joking though it is considered serious.

So, now it's up to you deh, want to use what way. Intermediaries, direct, or gestures, the most important of which is to invite Ta'aruf. do not just admire him from a distance, because it can fall into Zina Hati ya ...

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