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5+ Business Ideas Ridiculous and Strange But Precisely Reaping the Great Success

A business idea does not merely arise from something common or common. With a creativity, you can create a business from an idea that may seem strange and silly in the public view. So what about the success rate of this unusual business idea? Of course the chances for success are still huge.

Even some successful businesses or businesses are now considered to be something silly to run. But with a broad view of the future and the diligent struggle of a business that is viewed as a silly eye can be a very successful business in the future.
So what are the examples of business ideas that strolled into a big success from the idea that seem silly? Here's the review.

1. CitiKitty Ridiculous Business Ideas

The first successful business idea of ​​a silly idea is CitiKitty. CitiKitty itself is a business that offers cat training services to be able to independently perform toilet activities in the toilet. At first glance this business idea does look silly, but if you look further then you will find that this business has a huge opportunity.
Because, now has a lot of cat lovers and people who like to keep the cat. Secondly, almost all cat lovers and people who keep this cat do not like when the cat poop in any place. Distractions and disgust are the things that must happen if the cat does this. Well from here then CitiKitty present to create solutions of the hassles and disgusting things.

With the cat training to defecate to the toilet then you cat owners will no longer feel hesitant to keep the cat with a sense of security and comfort. To get the training from Citikitty then someone is required to spend 26.99 US dollars for a cat. Although fairly expensive but did not make these cat lovers close themselves. With this joyous customers welcome CikiKitty with good enthusiasm.

2. Strange Business Ideas Hangover Helpers

In the United States the bad habit of getting drunk after a party does make a lot of people uncomfortable, including drunk people themselves. In a drunken condition, someone will be very troublesome because he often felt dizzy, nauseous, to be difficult to control themselves. From here then two students from Uncle Sam created Hangover Helpers, a business that offers services to serve people who get drunk.

The services offered by Hangover Helpers itself is the service of preparing breakfast after the client wakes up to clean up the mess party place. To get services from Hangover Helpers this consumer must pay a fee reaching Rp.220.ooo per person.

3. Business Ideas Ridiculous Rental Friends

Couples would be a dream for every human being to be able to live this life. Especially for those who bear the status of singles since a long time, then the couple will always coveted will be able to come soon.
With this background then the business Rental Friends that offer the rental service of a couple to the consumer. But unlike dating agencies, Rental Friends does not provide a prospective wife or husband. But this Friends Rental only provides a partner to accompany the consumer wedding events, parties, or just a walk.

To get this service Rental Friends then the consumer must spend as much as 110 thousand rupiah per hour to rent "partner." In this business itself there are regulations that must be met that there should be no physical contact such as kissing, romancing and intercourse.

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4. Excused Absence Network

The successful business of the next silly idea is the Excused Absence Network. Excused Absence Network itself is a business that offers licensing services for school or office holidays.

By paying only Rp325.000, someone can safely take a vacation because it has an official license. This permit, among others, comes from doctors, hospitals, to be a witness though. Businesses with initial capital of Rp.7, 5 million has now been successful with reap a profit of Rp195 million per month.

5. Business Ideas Providers Place Emotional Spread

You must have experienced emotions and want to throw things, but not done for fear of damaged goods and disrupt others. Finally, emotions do not get out of hand.

Apparently in Japan there is a place to vent emotions. This place is named Smashing Place.

Place for Emotion

In this place you can throw things, tear the paper, damage the walls, even yell and swear without feeling guilty. Strange and silly yes business idea, but it turns out many lho customers.
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