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5 Crazy Bob Sadino Thoughts That Can Motivate You For Success

Crazy thinking Bob Sadino often affects many people in the world of entrepreneurship. How not, his out of the box thinking and often unheard of is often unacceptable to common sense.

As we know, Bob Sadino (late) is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He is known when the domestic chicken egg business has a rapid development in Indonesia. Bob Sadino has several businesses, including processed food business, vegetable business with hydroponics system, business travel bureau, to supermarket business.

But all the success of his business does not just happen. Even once he had experienced a downturn in running his business. According to Bob Sadino, his thoughts during this time is what makes him rise from adversity and success in business.
Here are 5 thoughts of Mad Antonio Sadino that can motivate you to succeed in the future:

1. Do Not Plenty, Because the Plan is a Disaster

This thinking is certainly very contrary to most businesspeople who usually like to do the planning carefully. According to Bob Sadino, making careful planning is something that can be disastrous.

He wrote in a book entitled "They Say I'm Crazy", in the book Bob Sadino mentions that the plan applies only to someone who studies management. In the business world there is nothing like that, a business can not possibly be straight up exactly as planned.
Furthermore, Bob Sadino also mentioned that football terjangnya in poultry business can succeed not because of planned.

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2. Sadino Bob Sad Thought "Seek Failure and Loss"

Of course everyone does not want to accept failure or loss, and definitely try hard to avoid it. But unlike Bob Sadino, he suggests looking for failures and losses.

In a book titled "Ugly Learning from Bob Sadino," he explains that most entrepreneurs think linearly: if they want to do business it must be profitable to succeed. In fact, when running a business often entrepreneurs actually experience losses and failures.

That is the reason why he advised to look for failures and losses. For Bob Sadino a success in business is a culmination of the many failures that have been experienced.

3. Do not Most Analysis

Almost the same as point # 2 "Recana is a Disaster", according to Bob Sadino does not need to do a lot of analysis if you want to succeed. The reason, often the person who does the analysis just makes him focus on the negative things.
Analysis makes one think about the bad things that can happen to a business. This will then make the person difficult to move. According to Bob Sadino, it's better to take action immediately and start your business, and print profit every month.

4. Stupid People So Boss

This is Bob Sadino's crazy thinking that may not make sense to most people. You probably already know one of these quirky quotes of Bob Sadino's words: "As high as any rank you have, you remain an employee. No matter how small a business you have, you are the boss. "

It was this thought that led to Bob Sadino's decision to return home after a long time as an employee in Amsterdam and Hamburg. The person who is considered foolish must make his own business because he is always rejected by various jobs.

However, to expand his business, of course people who are considered stupid need smart people to help him. This is very appropriate with what happened to Jack Ma, many times rejected in the workforce because it is considered incompetent, he finally managed to become an entrepreneur and build Alibaba.com.

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5. Becoming Street Sensitive

Over the years Bob Sadino "lives on the streets" and sees things related to the entrepreneurial world. This makes it more sensitive to see the various business opportunities that exist in the vicinity.

According to Bob Sadino, a person's education history is not something to be honored. According to him, a smart person tends to only talk a lot without being able to carry out what he said, especially in the world of entrepreneurship.

Although Bob Sadino is dead, there are many lessons and inspirations that we can get from this quirky figure. And of course Bob Sadino will continue to be remembered not only because of his success in building a business, but because of the thoughts that are out of the box. Hope it inspires.
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