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5+ The Secrets of Jewish Success and Becoming a Ruler in the Field of Technology and Business

Jewish Success Secrets - To be honest, when hearing or reading the Jewish word that comes to mind and heart most of us are a sense of hatred and negative thoughts. Bener not? This is a real fact that applies in some countries in the world, including Indonesia.

Worse, often bad events that occur in the world are always associated with Jews and they are touted as the mastermind. Though they have absolutely nothing to do with the event. This is continuously done in Indonesia, even until there is a play for this nation, namely Wahyudi (this must be Wahyudi ulah).

But I'm not going to talk about such hate and negative thoughts. I prefer to see the positive and secretive secrets of the famous Jewish success.

The Jewish Success Secrets You Can Imitate

The Jews are famous for their stubborn nature. This stubbornness is in a positive sense and is often seen in many of the most successful people in the world. Some of the most successful and stubborn Jewish descendants are:

Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft)
Larry Page (Google Founder)
Andy Rubin (Android Inventor)
Larry Elison (Oracle Founder)
Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)
Michael Dell (Founder of Dell)
Howard Schultz (Founder of Starbucks)
Walt Disney (Walt Disney Founder)
Ellon Musk (Founder of Paypal and SpaceX)
And so forth
Most of the world's people have enjoyed their hard work, and virtually every product in technology has been dominated by Jewish descent. It's a fact, no matter how you like it or not, because I'm sure you're also using their current product.

The stubbornness is not the only secret to the success of the Jews, there are still many. Here's a quick review,
1. Recognizing the Potential in Yourself

To the Jews, understanding the inner potential is something very important. By knowing the talents and abilities in the self, then someone will be able to create something.

Just take note, the Jewish descent I mentioned above. They are successful in many fields because they do have potential in that field.

In addition, they also make their work fun. We know that something done with passion will produce something extraordinary. This is one of the Jewish success secrets that you can imitate.

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2. Have Strong Establishment to Forward

The Jews are famous for their strong stance, but not infrequently they make them look arrogant. For them, it is better to survive and continue to struggle in a crisis rather than giving up and selling a business that has been built with hard work.

There are many examples that we can learn from their standpoint. One example is the story of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook. In the early founding up, Mark had experienced various trials. However, none of these trials made him despair.
So, do not be wondering why Facebook's social media can experience such great success right now. This can happen other than that, because the owner has a strong position to move forward.

3. Maintaining Humility

Perhaps this point is somewhat contrary to their stubbornness. However, the fact is that the Jews are famous for their humility.

To the Jews, arrogance is the beginning of one's destruction. Pride itself is of two kinds; which is arrogant because arrogant does not know the limits of his ability, and arrogant because keingingan to seek self-interest.

One example of the Jews who adopted a humble attitude in running a business was John Morgridge, founder and CEO of Cisco Systems. At that time his company was troubled by the problem of ego wars among employees.

John Morgridge chose to reconcile all his troubled employees with pride. This has a big impact for the company because it makes the company more productive and can get big profits.

4. Reliable Ability in Negotiating

All types of businesses definitely need expertise in terms of negotiating with other parties. With good negotiating skills, then one can convey ideas and goals well, and can affect others.

The ability to negotiate is apparently shared by all successful Jewish businessmen. They always have a favorable offer for their business partners and for themselves, so the negotiations they make often make the best decisions for their business.

5. Have Mental Spiritual Entrepreneurship

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are three types of business that we can find. Among others are:

Classical Entrepreneurship, which runs its business with the aim to earn as much money without any concern for the community.
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