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Effect Put Garlic in the Ear

 Actually there are many materials around us that can be used as a healer or preventative from coming ill. For example, ingredients of kitchen spices, ranging from kencur, ginger, cinnamon, ginseng, galangal, lime and garlic.

Inside garlic, contained an important substance that can be used to heal or clean the ears. Because garlic contains a phosphorus acid substance that can kill anything that causes health problems in the ear.
Utilization of garlic as an ear cleanser has been known by the Chinese nation since long / ancient times. Chinese literature many mention the efficacy of this white tuber.

Well, To clean or kill the germs that are in the ear hole, how very easy to apply.

After the garlic is peeled, select the center of the onion bulb which is more yellow in color than the outside.

Then the garlic slices are affixed to the ear hole. Well, so that the garlic does not go entirely into your ear you need a certain trick / special. Well, you let tuh garlic in the ear hole for about 1 night.

In the morning, please check. The result will be surprising you know. Your ears will be softer and cleaner. Garlic can also make the ear more healthy.

But not just any garlic can be used to kill germs and clean the ears. Garlic that can be used is organic garlic. Because ordinary garlic contains many pesticides. if you want to use it I suggest washed well. Well, How, ready to try tonight?
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