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From within the Society

From within the Society
Population Mobility: The mobility of the population includes not only the movement of the population from village to city or something, but also increases and decreases in population
New discoveries (innovations): The discovery of new technologies, such as plastic technology. If the first leaf teak, banana leaf and biting (stick) can be traded on a large scale then now no longer.
A social process of change that occurs on a large scale and in the period that is not too long is often called innovation or innovation. New discoveries as the cause of the changes can be distinguished in terms of Discovery and Invention

Discovery is the discovery of new cultural elements either in the form of tools or ideas created by an individual or a series of creations of individuals.

The new discovery becomes an invention if the public has acknowledged and applied the new discovery.

Opposition: Contradication may occur between individuals and groups or between groups and groups.
Occurrence of Rebellion or Revolution: The rebellion of the students, downgrading the Suharto regime in the New Order era. There was an enormous change in the State where the system of government that militarism turned into a democracy during the era of reform. The communication system between the bureaucrats and the people becomes changed (waiting for what the leader has said changed as a public servant).
       2. From Outside the Community

Warfare: A country that wins war will certainly instill its social and cultural values.
Environment: The occurrence of floods, erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. which resulted in residents in the region must move to other areas. If the new territory of the natural state is not the same as their original territory, then they must adapt to the situation in the new territory for their survival.
Other Culture: The influx of Western culture in the life of society in Indonesia causes a change.
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