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How to Pay Routine Charges Easier with Sepulsa

Sepulsa is one of the startup in Indonesia which is engaged in telecommunication. Can we guess from the name if this startup is selling pulse. Some of us must have used it, some have not.

Startup that started in 2014 provides all operators pulse from small nominal (5 thousand rupiah!) To hundreds of thousands and even millions. Sepulsa is not only engaged in B2C (selling to ordinary people like us), but it also does business in B2B, so for those of you who own a company or startup, you may consider taking a pulse supply for your team members from a pulp.

Not only the pulse, Sepulsa also provides a variety of other payments, and we will review all online payment services offered sepulsa in this article.
Purchased Data Packages

Sepulsa provides a data plan for you. Instead of having to buy a credit and then buy an internet package using the USSC code on your phone, which would be more expensive, you can directly buy a package from a sepulsa with a cheaper price, and will go to your mobile phone in the form of internet quota.

Payment BPJS Health

For you who do not know what BPJS health, you can read the first article about BPJS health. For those of you who already know, and need to pay BPJS health, you just go to Sepulsa website, then click tab BPJS then enter the required data in the fields that have been provided.

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Payment of PLN Electricity Token

Service from Sepulsa is very useful for you who ngekos or ngontrak and have to buy their own electrical token. Buy electrical token out of the house / boarding actually can, but many shortcomings, you can not instant reload pulse power if suddenly run out, or when it's midnight, or if you just mager out.
To buy a PLN power token on your go to the product page then to PLN electricity tab, enter the token number, select the purchase nominal, finish the payment, then you will be able to sms by a sepulsa containing the number that can be inputted to your electrical token.

Telkom Bill Payment

Although we all use mobile phones, nothing is detached from home phone alias Telkom. To make a payment, navigate to Telkom Sepulsa Billing tab and enter your Telkom ID or Billing Number into the field provided, then complete the payment.

Motor Installment Payments

Sepulsa who hold Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha as multi-finance payment provides a platform for you to complete your mortgage payment. Now you can pay off your motorcycle bills from one application and not complicated.

Sign in to the homepage of a pulse, navigate to Pay Installment tab, select multi-finance payment (for now only Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha), then enter customer ID to proceed to the payment phase.

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Pay PDAM Bill

For those who use water services from PDAM, you can complete payment of your water bill in Sepulsa. It's easy, go to sepulsa website, choose "other" tab, select PDAM, input your area, then input customer ID and mobile phone number. After that you will be directed to the payment page to settle the water bill.
With a free application and website, you can solve many bills and your regular needs from just one website. This will certainly be very helpful for you who are busy, let alone work in the capital with the hustle and bustle and polls are very stressful.

The payment provided in Sepulsa is very diverse, it is not possible you will have difficulty determining the mode of payment to Sepulsa. Please try.
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