1. ZAAKSGEVOLG / DROIT DE SUIT: ie following objects anywhere and in the hands of whoever they are

2. DROIT INVIOLABLE ET SACRE: the right that can not be contested

3. VAGUE: blurred

4. DWINGEN; forcing VERBAND: relationship: close relationship

5. FEIT: deeds

6. OVERTRADING: violation

7. MISDRIFF: crime

8. DADER: the perpetrator of a crime

9. NIET ON VARKELIJK VERKLAARD: The lawsuit is unacceptable

10. IPSO JURE: by law / by law.

12. EX AEQUO ET BONO: verdict as fair as possible

13. DADER / DOER: the person doing the offense

14. DOENPLEGER / HUMAN / DOMINA: the person who told to do

15. MEDEDADER / MADEPLEGEN: The person who co-administers

16. LOCARY UIT: people who deliberately persuade


18. NOODWEER: in a forced state

19. OVERMACHT: circumstances that force (not inevitable).

20. the principle of proportionality: there must be a balance between the interests that are protected and the interests that are violated.

21. VERKAPTE VRIJPRAAK: impure free decision

22. POINT DE IBTERN POINT ATIM: there is no dispute no matter

23. LAMBROSO theory: character of crime

24. NOTOIR FEIT: things that are known and believed to be true by the public need not be proven anymore.

25. NOELA POENA SINE LEGI PRAVIA POENALE: there is no punishment that is not based on a provision of existing rules. (Article 1 (1) of the Criminal Code)

26. OVERMACH: incident / circumstance forcing

27. MIRANDA RULE: the right of a suspect to obtain legal counsel in his case.

28. VERBALISTIC WITNESS: the witness who conducts the examination at the investigation level.

29. ONSPLITBAR 'AVEU: a recognition can not be separated.

30. INTERVENTION: the entry of a third party who has the right or interest to participate in a case that is in the process of examination in court.

31. VOEGING: accompanying (joining one party)

32. TUSSENKOMST: mediate (impartial)

33. VRIJWARING: penanggungan / defense (on request usually the defendant)

34. DERDEN VERZETE: Third-party resistance that feels its rights and interests, which has been severely impaired by a court decision, by suing the litigants (ordinary lawsuits) .. may suspend execution only if ordered by KPN

35. NIET ON VARKELIJK VERKLAARD: lawsuit / claim not accepted

36. KAUKUS: a meeting between a mediator and one party in the mediation process, without the presence of any other party.

37. VOOR BARE UIT VOOR RAAD: the immediate verdict, decisions that were disconnected before the final decision, which may be executed before meskipuyn have not been legally enforceable.

38. CONSERVATOIR BESLAG: confiscation of the defendants' property

39. REVINDICATOIR BESLAG: confiscation of the plaintiff's moving goods owned by the defendant.

40. PACTUM DE COMPROMITENDO: clause of arbitration settlement made previously.

41. COMPROMI ACT: a clause created after a problem arises.

42. RES PROJECT VERSION HABITUR: the judge's ruling is considered true as long as it has not been proved or otherwise verdict.

43. UNUS TESTIS NULUS TESTIS: one witness is not a witness (min 2 org). 1866- 1895 Civil Code.

44. SUCCESS DECISOIR: oath of dispute / end of dispute / requested by the other side against the other party to be spoken, to hang the verdict of the case on him (KUHPerdata 1929).

45. DADING: peace.

46. ​​AUDI ET ALTEREM PARTEM: the judge must hear statements from the parties.

47. ACTOR SEQUITUR FORUM REI: an allegation must be addressed at the address of the defendant.

48. ACTOR SEQUITUR FORUM SITEI: the lawsuit must be addressed at the address where the immovable object is located.

49. FIAT JUSTISIA COLLUM COUNUM: justice must be upheld even though the sky collapses.

50. SANS PROJUDICE: a letter which can not be used as evidence, is opened, in court.

51. RETENTION RIGHT: the right to retain documents / client files by ADVOKAT that do not pay / pay the agreed honorarium.

52. PREROGATION: to submit a dispute based on the agreement / agreement of the parties to a higher court judge, who should not have the authority to handle the case (ac.perdata)

53. MUTSATIS MUTANDIS: acknowledged / valid with existing changes.

54. PACTA SUNT SERVANDA: the treaty constitutes as law for the one making it (1338 Civil Code "all legally-made agreements act as laws for those who make it ...."

55. VRISPRAAK: free / unlawful and convincing

56. ONSLAG: out of all lawsuits

57. NEGATIVE WETELIJK: (KUHAP) Proof of at least 2 evidences of evidence plus the judge's conviction.

58. WITNESS ADE CHARGE: a witness who benefits the accused.

59. WITNESS A CHARGE: witness against the defendant.
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