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Pancasila As Ideology And Basic Country

1. Ideology comes from the word idea (ideas, ideals), and logos (knowledge). Ideology can be interpreted as a set of systematic notions of a life to aspire to. Ideology is often interpreted as a way of life. The ideology embraced by a nation can be the basis of the country concerned. As the basis of the state then becomes the source and legal ideals of the state organization.

2. The importance of ideology for a nation that gives direction and guidance for the nation in facing various problems that happened.

3. Comparison of world ideologies:

Based on individualism
Based on the teachings of Karl Marx
Sourced from the cultural values ​​of Indonesia
Give priority to individual rights
Prioritize liability
Balance of rights and obligations
Based on the divinity of YME
Economics based on Kinship
State intervention a little
The state dominates life
The state organizes life equally well

4. The process of formulating Pancasila as the basis of the state:
a. BPUPKI in session I dated May 29 to June 1, 1945 discussed the basic state
b. The Little Committee formulated the Jakarta Charter dated June 22, 1945
c. PPKI established the 1945 Constitution dated August 18, 1945, which contains Pancasila
      in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution of the fourth paragraph.

5. Several proposals for the basic formula of the country:
a. Muhammad Yamin, in writing:
1) Belief in the One Supreme
2) Nationality of Indonesian unity
3) A just and civilized sense of humanity
4) Democracy led by the wisdom of wisdom in representation delegates
5) Social justice for all Indonesian people

b. Mr. Soepomo
1) Unity / integralism
2) Godhead
3) Deliberation / representation
4) Kinship
5) The spirit of culture

c. Ir Soekarno
1) Nationality
2) Internationalism / humanity
3) Mufakat / democracy
4) Social welfare
5) Belief in the One Supreme

d. The basic formulation of the country according to the Jakarta Charter:
1) Deity, with the obligation to enforce Islamic sharia for its adherents
2) Just and civilized humanity
3) Unity of Indonesia
4) Democracy led by the wisdom of wisdom in deliberation / representation
5) Justice for all the people of Indonesia

e. The basic formulation of the State under the Constitution of the RIS and the Provisional Constitution of 1950:
1) Belief in the One Supreme
2) Fairy-humanity
3) Nationality
4) Citizenship
5) Social justice

6. The formulation of Pancasila that is valid and correct is in accordance with the formulation in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of the fourth paragraph.

7. Position and Function of Pancasila:
a. Basic State, serves the source of all sources of law. All rules
      legislation should be in accordance with Pancasila
b. The way of life, serves as a guide to human behavior
      in everyday life.
c. Soul and personality, serves to distinguish the nation of Indonesia with the nation
d. The noble agreement, which has been agreed upon before and after the proclamation
      independence by representatives of the Indonesian nation.
e. The goal to be achieved, that is the just community based on prosperous

8. The attitude of citizens' responsibility towards Pancasila is to safeguard and practice the values ​​of Pancasila in the life of society, nation and state.

The cultivation and practice of Panacsila values ​​should start early in the family environment
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