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Words of Love that Touch the Hearts of Men

You need to know that basically humans are very easy to fall in love. Really? Yes, Love will emerge when we are given comfort by our opposite sex. Women are very easy to fall in love, because women feel comfortable when praised or when seduced. While men are very easy to fall in love with the face of a woman or a woman's body (physical).
Often in this day and age many teenagers are bergonta pacar / pasagan. Not because he likes to collect a boyfriend, but because he wants to find a sense of comfort and security. When he is not comfortable, often left behind, lied to, he sms with guys or other girls. So slowly but surely the love will fade slowly.

Well, On this occasion I will deliver a few words that can touch a man's heart. Well, keep in mind ya, as much as anything, as strong as any man. Men can also cry lho, only by love. Is it true? Okay without further ado just yuk, Here are the kinds:

Although only for a moment, your presence in my life is very impressive. Unfortunately, we are not destined to be together.
Being grateful is the right way to fight the greed that is inside.
Be careful with heart. Because if someone is hurt. Then it will be very difficult to forgive him.
Being polite is the best way to show self-quality. We must be able to educate our own character. And people who have good characters will never be lulled by emotions.
Maybe now I have to let go of what was not destined to be mine. And all I pasrahkan only to the Creator.
I always hoped and prayed that our relationship would end happily. Now we must split up though not because of people when or because we are not the same. But because where I can not breathe and stand up for you.
If someday we part, I will be willing. But I have only one point to you. Never forget me who ever fill the niche of your heart.
My life motivation is life only once, dead once, very love, marriage once, make a child once, give birth once child, cheat once, hehehe just kid

Well that's my friend about the Words of Love Touch Men's Heart that I can convey today. Hopefully useful and do not forget if useful do not forget to share this article.
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