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This is the history of the word Day "AHAD" replaced "WEEK"

Before 1960, there was never a day's name that read WEEK always written on AHAD day. Likewise, the calendar in the past calendar, the people of Indonesia do not know the title of Sunday.
We know together that the name of the day that has been officially and firmly listed into the calendar of Indonesia since before the Dutch colonial times was with the name:1. Ahad (al-Ahad = first day),2. Monday (al-Itsnayn = second day),3. Tuesday (al-Tsalaatsa '= the third day)4. Wednesday (al-Arba'aa = fourth day),5. Thursday (al-Khamsatun = the fifth day),6. Friday (al-Jumu'ah = sixth day = day of assembly / congregation),7. Saturday (as-Sabbath = the seventh day).

The name of the day has become a habit and patterned in all kingdoms in Indonesia.
=> All this is due to the positive services of cultural interaction in an elegant and peaceful manner and the enormous influence of the entry of Islam to Indonesia which brings the Arabic calendar.

While the word WEEK is taken from the Portuguese, Domingo (from Latin Dies Dominicus which means "He Do Senhor", or DAY OF GOD WE).
=> In earlier Malay, the word was spelled as Dominggu and only around the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it was spelled as Sunday.So, we must understand who is OUR LORD, to worship on Sunday.

How could this happen?=> Some say with substantial funds from outside Indonesia, made finance monopoly printing calendar for many years in Indonesia.=> Printing paid to nullify (0) AHAD word replaced with WEEK.=> Setetah calendar so, then distributed for free or on sale (very cheap).
The impact is:=> Indonesian people unconsciously, finally said Sunday has been changed to Sunday in the calendar of Indonesia.
Important?The answer:Very Important for efforts to return the word Sunday.

For Muslims it is important, because:=> The word is reminiscent of the name of Allah SWT which is the same Sunday with the MahaTunggal / Supreme One / Supreme God.=> God is childless and is not begotten=> The word of Islam in Islam is as part of the nature of Allah SWT which is important and contains intact meaning symbolize the Supreme God Almighty.

Therefore :=> Let's try to get used to life to change WEEK to AHAD.=> If within 7 (seven) days is called a WEEK, the right one is called SEPARAT or SEJUM'AT and not next week, but next week.
Hope this helps.
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